The Unending Journey of a Creative Life

Chris Stusek is a contemporary artist who lives on the westcoast of Canada. Using various media, such as watercolour, oil, pastel, and fabric, she creates images that draw on the simple beauty of the world around her. She enjoys portraiture, still life, landscape, non-representational and is captivated by the play of light. Art is an ever evolving journey.


Chris Stusek

I do not remember a time  when art was not a part of my life. I drew constantly as a child, on everything. I was given an oil painting kit at the age of thirteen; thus my painting journey began. I became passionate about watercolour when my children were young. Being self taught, I enjoy learning new media and techniques. Oils and watercolour remain my first loves. 
As I move through life, I realize it is not all about the prize at the end, the masterpiece, but rather the paths we follow, the experiences, and the joy along the way.

Copy of preschool fieldtrip 2.jpg


Victoria, BC, Canada

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