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The Time In Between

I am between masterpieces. Or at least I am between paintings.This is the time when ideas are forming, plan of actions decided upon. It can also be the time for fear and over thinking. It helps to get into the studio and work. Sometimes this may be just cleaning up, or dusting off a medium that hasn't been used for awhile. My studio just had a deep clean and reorganization so I like to do doodles. Doodling allows me time to think. My doodles are unplanned, and although I render these in a tight style, they are also organic. As I doodle, I assess line and space. Because there is no preplanned concept, I am not held to any restraints and because I call them doodles, they are easily discarded if I want to, no guilt.

Blue micron pen and Watercolour washes. I don't think the drippy feel is any indication of my mood but rather an image that looked interesting so I went with it.

All this being said, the time in between is important to the development of good artwork. Because everytime we make marks, we learn and grow. If all we do is clean then we set ourselves up for the next successful studio day.