Finding a Way Back

Hello. It has been a long time since I blogged about art. It has been along time since I created art. Time away has made it difficult to get motivated to create art.

I haven’t truly painted for nearly four years. Life got in the way. Four years ago, I was painting and was part of a collective of women artists. We shared a gallery/studio space. It was an inspiring and creative journey. My dad’s heath failed and we knew that he had weeks left on this earth. Family first, I gave up my gallery and being part of the collective. Our family rallied around him and my mom. My sister moved in with them during the week and I did respite care on the weekends. We moved him into hospice and three weeks later he breathed his last as I read to him from a plaque we had made of what he meant to the family. I feel blessed to be able to have been part of his journey. My mom was devastated by the loss of her husband of over 60 years. As much as we tried, mom just couldn’t reconcile her life without dad. Her health was failing. She spent four months in hospital. I was there for mom as my brother was dealing with his wife’s major health scare and my sister was sadly loosing her partner to cancer. I took time away from work, and spent more time in Nanaimo than at home. We eventually moved mom into a care home in Victoria, where for 15 months I visited her almost daily. Mom joined dad to dance in heaven two months ago.

This post is not an excuse but the start of my way back. As a pledge to myself. And just as the spending time with aging parents, witnessing their passing and learning to be parentless has changed who I am so my art may be different also. This is a new journey, a way back to my creativity but more correctly a way forward.